Creative colourful container gardening

It finally feels as though summer has arrived and here in Montreal it’ll be over before you know it. That’s not meant to depress you. The longest day of the year is still two weeks away. It’s just that if you haven’t already planted some flowers on your balcony or in your backyard or started your herb garden for summer recipes, you need to get on it!

Don’t let the search for the perfect planters become a sticking point. Look around the house or check out your local garage sales and flea markets. You can use and re-use just about anything to grow flowers and herbs; often just as is, or tarted up a little with a paint job.

We’ve looked around for some inspiring images of plantings from our neighbourhood and beyond that show what can be done with nothing but a little imagination a few choice plants and perhaps a couple of basic tools.

crate garden

A wine crate garden in Montreal mixes veggies and flowers adding colour to an urban sidewalk. (Source: Galerie CO)

Don’t forget to make sure that there is drainage in your container and pick a vessel that fits not only the size of your space but the size of the plant or plants you want to grow. Mismatched and multiple containers arranged in groups can look great.

container garden ( Toronto, pizza sauce cans have been painted to create a bold and uniform colour scheme. (Source: Madga Wojtyra)


A quirky and whimsical use of old teapots. (Source: Beautyharmonylife)


Minimalist and modular cinder blocks. (Source: apartmenttherapy)

container gardeing (

Old Clementine boxes make great kindling, but they also look charming filled with spring flowers, such as pansies. (Source:


Don’t worry about recycling an elegant biscuit tin; transform it instead. (Source:

container williams-sonoma-galvanized-metal-planter-trough-gardenista

A new or vintage galvanized steel container makes a fine planter. (Source:


A herb garden in colourful colanders. (Source: redesignrevolution)


Cheerful hanging gum boots. (Source: rosinahuber)

containter wheelbarrow

A spectacular show in an old wheelbarrow. (Source:

lets upcycle colourful palette

A brightly painted shipping pallet with plastic cups. (Source: letsupcycle) You could apply the same principle using terra cotta pots or  interesting old cans, such as olive oil containers.

Although you’d be hard pressed to make these at home, we love the planters made from truck tires by Tadé, Pays du Levant, which we carry at Galerie CO. They’re modelled on ancient leather vessels, made strong and durable by the hard wearing nature of the rubber combined with the expertise of the traditional craftsmen who make them. However, they’re made in Syria so we can no longer get them due to the civil war in that country. Once our stock is gone, it’s gone. The loss of life and security in Syria is tragic. We feel the impact directly through the merchants and artisans whose livelihoods have been ruined by the conflict and we wish for a just resolution to the conflict so that all Syrians can begin to rebuild their lives.


Rubber tires transformed into planters. (Source: inhabitat)

On a lighter note, we’d love to hear from you. What’ the oddest thing you’ve ever used as a planter?

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