Spring colour

It’s the first full day of Spring and we’re waiting anxiously for bulbs and blossoms – a little colour! We’re showcasing one of our favourite colours – paying homage to Spring – duck egg blue.

There is no one colour that is the definitive duck egg blue. Like so many things in nature, there’s variance in definitions, colour and shade; some are a little lighter, some a little greyer and some a little greener. The tones are softer than its close relative “robin’s egg blue”. It isn’t aqua. Rather it’s a muted spectrum of pastels encompassing pale blues, greens and greys.

duck eggs

It’s a peaceful, soothing colour that, depending on the coordinating colours and surroundings, can be retro and contemporary, clean and country.

duck egg blue paint pot

Duck egg blue pairs beautifully with other natural muted colours: whites, creams, greys and browns. Paired with dark grey and brown it is classic and elegant yet works well with the shag rug.

duck egg blue daily mail co uk

In this kitchen it creates a contemporary country look paired with cream, wood and rustic tiles.

duck egg blue aga (www.aga-ranges.com)

And it’s soothing and peaceful in a bedroom paired with grey and white.

If that’s all a little muted, yellow works especially well as a pop of colour.

Here’s our “Top 10” list of pieces to help incorporate this beautiful palette of blues into any living space:

1. Oscar armchair and ottoman by Mathew Hilton

2. “Spoons” wooden tray (luna)  by Ary Trays

3. “Veggies kitchen” tablecloth  by Avenida Home

4. Classic jug  by Garden Trading

5. Picnic blanket (horses)  by Anorak

6. Herb pots (set of three) by Garden Trading

7. “Cat” wooden tray  by Ary Trays

8. Bunting (bubulle)  by Créations BLAG

9. Linen cushion “Swoop”  by Corita Rose

10. Scrapwood wallpaper, PHE-03 by NLXL

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