Welcome to Chez CO

Welcome to Chez CO, the official blog of Galerie CO. Galerie CO is a unique retail destination for home decoration and design inspiration, located in the Mile End district of Montreal.

galerieCO outside

When I opened Galerie CO, I was fuelled by a passion to create a business that would let me bring together my love of art and design and my professional background in international trade and sustainability.

To me, sustainability means finding innovative and imaginative ways to build stable economies that respect the environment and improve the lives of people and communities.  That’s why we are called CO.  The ‘C’ and ‘O’ represent the two letters common to the three words that are fundamental to sustainability — economy, ecology and community. At CO, we are interested in how and where these three elements can weave together.

Why “Galerie” CO?  Because we work with artists. CO represents designers from around the world whose work is innovative, useful and sustainable. I am amazed, educated and rewarded on a daily basis by the work and spirit of the growing number of designers in the CO family. They are the ongoing inspiration that nurtures our vision to show and sell pieces that are functional, contemporary and beautiful, and also fun, a little eccentric and often entirely unexpected.

galerieCO inside

We’re excited to launch this blog, Chez CO, to present a behind-the-scenes look at the people, the design, the issues and events that we are lucky to be surrounded and intrigued by on a daily basis. Look for interviews with designers, share our fascination with issues of contemporary design and sustainability, join us at design events around the world, and let us share with you the things that bring us joy, nourish our passions, and make us laugh.


~Sarah Richardson –owner and founder of Galerie CO

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